Hackathon on Immersive Media

Google and frog are bringing together some of the most innovative minds in technology and design. The Converge Hackathon is a platform for the multi-disciplinary collaboration and the exploration of new concepts within the digital sphere; where ideas, technology and human needs converge.

How it works

We will provoke your thinking with scenarios that spark your team’s ideation process. From there you will be asked to set your imagination free, so bring your passion to conceive, design and code inspired ideas.

The goal? Having fun while creating ideas with the potential to solve problems, change industries or improve lives – with an eye on the prototype design, execution and presentation.

What it is about

This time the Converge Hackathon is going to be about new ways of experimenting with media. Here are the challenges you will be asked to tackle:

Our media consumption increasingly transcends formats and devices. We expect seamless transitions from TV to mobile to gaming console; or even to use them all simultaneously. What is the next frontier for seamless multi-media interactivity?

The way we perceive, produce and share information is changing. What does the future hold for our daily terabytes of user-generated content, data and news? And how can we empower mass communication and self-expression for content and creators?

What is the future of sensing in media? Will augmented reality deliver on the promise of immersive media? Or will other technologies help realize an experience even richer in context and emotion?

How to participate

We are calling for technologists with skills in any Google and non-Google technology and a strong passion for innovation.

We are calling for designers able to envision future products or services mixing a user-centered focus and an innate talent for crafting and prototyping.

If you think that you have what it takes, you may apply to participate by registering here. Remember, we are all here to learn new things and to have fun.

What to know

DATE: Saturday, 7th March 2015

TIME: 09:00 – 20:00

WHERE: Google Italia - via Federico Confalonieri 4, 20124 Milano

REMEMBER: This is a BYOD (bring your own device) event, so bring your laptop and mobile devices with you!

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